Orbhex Outsourced Business Services focuses on overseeing software, programming, and network operations for enterprises.

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  • Web Development Solutions

    Web development solutions encompass services like website design, e-commerce development, custom web apps, responsive design, CMS implementation, hosting, front-end (HTML, CSS, JS) and back-end (Python, PHP, databases) work, API integration, security, SEO, performance optimization, maintenance, UX design, and accessibility. It's crucial to collaborate with experts to meet specific needs and achieve online objectives effectively.

  • Mobile App Development

    Mobile app development services include iOS and Android app creation, UI/UX design, backend development, API integration, testing, deployment, maintenance, security, and monetization strategies. It aims to build functional, user-friendly apps for smartphones and tablets, meeting specific business goals and user needs.

  • Game Art and Design

    Game art and design services encompass creating visuals (concept art, characters, environments), designing gameplay elements, UI, levels, and animations, as well as sound design and narrative development. Experts ensure engaging user experiences, balanced mechanics, and immersive worlds, catering to the unique demands of video game creation.

  • Our Managed Services

    Managed services involve outsourcing IT tasks like infrastructure management, security, data backup, and support to experts. They ensure efficient operations, cybersecurity, and scalability, freeing up resources and enhancing technology performance.

  • Our Digital Marketing Services

    Digital marketing includes SEO, PPC ads, social media, content, email, influencer marketing, analytics, and more. It promotes businesses online, reaches target audiences, and enhances brand visibility and engagement.

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